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The aim of the Digital Archaeology Research Lab is to engage in original research aimed at advancing the use digital technology and information in archaeology. It seeks to promote the development of archaeological information science (AISc), a field that results from the intersection of archaeology with computer, information and data science, engineering and quantitative methods.


We are particularly interested in initiatives that foster the development of new open software tools, methods and technologies for archaeology in areas such as data mining, visualization, mobile and cloud computing, geospatial (e.g. GIS), statistical and computer modeling.


We believe that archaeologists should become active participants in the creation of new tools, methods and digital solutions. To pursuit of this goal, archaeologists should balance informed theoretical and practical needs with high dosages of innovation and creativity, thus promoting and precipitating new ways of doing archaeology. If you feel the same way, drop us a line!

The DigAR Lab has graciously received the support of STF funds and is part of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA.

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