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Prospective graduate students

A message from DigAR Lab Director, Dr. Marcos Llobera

Thank you for your interest in the University of Washington's Archaeological Information Science program. The DigAR Lab is particularly interested in recruiting graduate students who would like to focus on the use of digital technologies in archaeology as a central core of their dissertation. We are particularly interested in students who want to go beyond the mere application of these technologies, and instead would like to pursue the development of these technologies and methods. More specifically, I am interested in supervising students on one or several of the following topics (not an exclusive or exhaustive list):

  • Development of new archaeological visualizations

  • Development of new data gathering techniques (e.g. apps, new field instruments, computer vision)

  • The use of novel data mining techniques

  • Computational statistics and statistical modeling

  • Software development in archaeology

  • ...and more.

I remain interested in students who may want to focus on some aspect of Landscape Archaeology (this may be pursued in combination with the above). Some of the themes I am interested (not an exclusive or exhaustive list) are:

  • Development of digital techniques for landscape analysis

  • Spatial modeling (statistical methods and models)

  • Landscape archaeology theory

  • Novel fieldwork and processing methods

Finally, I am interested in all aspects of archaeological theory but particularly questions that refer to archaeological epistemology such as: How do archaeologists produce knowledge? What is the nature of such knowledge? What is its role?

If any of these interests align with yours, do not hesitate to contact me directly (mllobera[at] You can obtain more general information about graduate admission and application from the UW Department of Anthropology.

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