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Eric So (alumni)

B.A. Medical Anthropology and Global Health, B.S. Biochemistry

Eric graduated from the University of Washington in the spring of 2022. Eric presented his research for the DigAR Lab alongside his colleagues at the 2022 Mary Gates Undergraduate Research Symposium before graduating with degrees in Biochemistry, Medical Anthropology and Global Health, and Interdisciplinary Honors. Eric still doesn’t exactly know what he wants to do but he’s figuring it out. 

On digital technologies in archaeology...

After taking ARCHY235, Eric joined the lab in the Winter of 2022 with an interest in Python’s imaging capabilities while working with Seattle’s graffiti. These imaging analysis capabilities were then applied to ceramic petrography, where Balearic sherds were analyzed, allowing for the user to explore other variables, larger and comparable datasets, and reduction in processing time. 

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