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Dr. David B. Hunt (alumni)

PhD in Archaeology

Dave graduated in Computer Science in 1985 from Seattle Pacific University (SPU). He received an MS in Information Systems Management in 1990, also from SPU. He has been involved in the software industry for 30 years in diverse roles including more than a decade at Microsoft, time as a free-lance developer, and another decade as a partner and chief technology officer of a small start-up. In 2012, he received a BA in Maritime Studies from the University of West Florida. He has participated in field projects in the Great Basin (Rimrock Draw in southern Oregon), Idaho (Cooper’s Ferry), and Mallorca, Spain. Dave defended his dissertation, titled 'Using Landscape Learning to Explore Diachronic Change: A Quantitative Model and Western Stemmed Tradition Case Study', in 2022.

On digital technologies in archaeology...

Archaeology has, and will continue to, produce great volumes of data. We have an opportunity to explore new ways to visualize archaeological data and relationships among this data. These methodologies may allow us to make new discoveries about how people have interacted and explored the landscapes of the past.

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