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Marcos Llobera

DigAR Lab Director; Associate Professor of Anthropology

Marcos obtained his BA in Mathematics from Southern Illinois University (Edwardsville, USA), MS from the University of Leicester (UK) and DPhil from the University of Oxford (UK).  He has participated in various archaeology projects in US (Southwest), UK, Colombia, France and Spain. In recent years, he co-directed the Balagne Landscape Project (with Dr. Keith Wilkinson and Prof. Claude Weiss) in Corsica (France), and is currently co-directing the Landscape, Encounters, and Identity Archaeology Project (with Dr. Jordi Hernandez Gasch and Dr. Toni Puig) in Mallorca (Spain).

On digital technologies in archaeology...

My interest in the use and development of digital technologies in archaeology started way back during my BA days and has progressed ever since. I firmly believe that with the right combination of theoretical insight, practical knowledge, creativity and technical skills digital technologies and information can aid significantly the collection of data, the analysis and interpretation of data and ultimately, the discovery of new knowledge in archaeology. 

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