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Thérèse Claeys

Fullbright PhD Student, UC Lovain, Belgium

Thérèse is currently finishing her PhD dissertation at the UCLouvain (Belgium) in the field of archaeological heritage management and conservation. She obtained a BS (2010) and MA (2012) in Archaeology and Art History from UCLouvain and also received an advanced master in Conservation of Monuments and Sites (2015) from the Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation (KULeuven, Belgium). She has been involved in several archaeological field projects since 2008 in Belgium (Tournai), Cyprus (Pyla-Kokkinokremos) and Crete (Sissi, Malia) and has also acquired international hands-on experience in the field of cultural heritage preservation and management (UNESCO headquarter, in France; International Conservation Center-Citta di Roma, in Israel). 

On digital technologies in archaeology...

Thanks to a Fulbright scholarship, she was a visiting PhD student at the DigAR Lab from January to August 2020 where she started working on the development of a Web-GIS platform aimed at the digital display of the outcome of her research. Her work focusses on the definition of recommendations for the sustainable preservation and presentation of Bronze Age archaeological sites located on the island of Crete (Greece). To achieve this goal, she proposes innovative and crowdsourced methodological tools for both the condition assessment of these sites but also for the design of itineraries between these sites (macro/regional scale) and within them between the visible remains (micro/site scale). Her research indeed seeks to advocate the use of well-informed itineraries as a facilitator to bridge the gap between site preservation and presentation duties. 

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