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Stone artifact morphometrics

This research focuses on lithic manufacturing techniques and explores technological change in Korea. The main research question is: What are the ecological and social contexts that led to the appearance of new stone artifact technologies in the Late Pleistocene? In this research, lithic data will help to assess the predictions of two models in an attempt to explain the appearance of new technologies. The project also draws from cultural transmission concepts to model the social context and behavioral ecology concepts to model the ecological context.


This project uses 3D models to examine the stone artifacts.  Fourteen metric and technological variables on stone tools (e.g. projectile points and scrapers) are recorded.

​In addition, the project examines the composition of lithic assemblage and ratio of discarded artifacts per cubic meter. The expectation is that technology was changed to increase utility and potability corresponding to increased mobility of foragers as an adaptation to changed environment.

Project Team
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