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Jiun-Yu Liu

Archaeology PhD student

Jiun-Yu received his BS in Finance in 2005 from the National Taiwan University, where he obtained an MA in Anthropology (major in Archaeology) in 2011. He received another MA in Anthropology in 2014 from UW. Jiun-Yu has participated in multiple archaeological projects, ranging from field survey, academic and CRM excavation to indoor artifact analysis. Most projects are conducted in Taiwan, but Jiun-Yu also joined some overseas research projects in Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia. His dissertation project is aimed at exploring the mechanism of iron metallurgy emergence in Taiwan approximately 1800 years ago. He seeks to use a trade diaspora model to explain how, why and by whom iron technology was introduced into Taiwan. The primary proxies for investigating his research question are the mineral and chemical analysis for ceramic and iron slag, spatial analysis for burials, and site location.  

On digital technologies in archaeology...

We benefit from digital technologies in our daily lives, and I do wish to enjoy these benefits by utilizing digital technologies in my archaeological research. Also, while our research generates enormous amounts of data, it will be impossible to process and manage it without digital technologies. Last but not least, I have great faith in regulated open-access data in archaeology, which will allow the participation of the public in research results assessment. 

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